Passenger name record aka PNR is a 10 digit record stored in the database of computer reservation system (CRS) that contains all the details of the passenger who are traveling in train. A unique 10 digit number that identifies your train booking, it is for per ticket not for individual person. The number is usually split into 3-7 (e.g. 432-1234567).

Its easy to check PNR status using our pnr tool, just enter your 10 digit pnr number in this tool and hit “Get status” button. The official IRCTC page will load in a new tab displaying your current status of your PNR number.

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How to Find PNR Number in your Train Ticket?

Below is the sample train ticket as issued by Indian railways. To find PNR number in this ticket check the top left corner of the ticket which displays 10 digit number which is your passenger name record. To check your current status just type the 10 digit number in the above field and hit “Get Status” button.

pnr number in train ticket

PNR Status Symbols & its Description

Symbol (codes)
CNF Berth/Seat confirmed.
CAN/MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL Wait List.
RLWL Remote Location Wait List.
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL1 No More Booking Permitted
GN General Quota.
TKL Tatkal.
REGRET/WL1 No More Booking Permitted
SRCTZN Senior Citizen

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to check IRCTC Pnr status through SMS or Mobile Phones?

Now you can able to check your PNR status right from your mobile phone. Here is a the proceude of how to do it,

Send PNR [pnr-number] to 139
e.g. PNR 4564564567 to 139

pnr status on mobile phone

Alternatively, you can use other short code of Indian railways – 5676747 Send an SMS “PNR” to 5676747 For ex.: “PNR 2528794587” to 5676747

Note:  * Charges might apply for the above messages.

2. How to check PNR Status in your Smart Phone?

Its very easy to do this, just start your browser and type “” in the address bar and hit “Enter” button. The website loads in your browser in a fraction of second. Now type you 10 digit Pnr number in the box and click “Get status” button.

check pnr status in smartphone

3. PNR Status check via Indian Railways Helpline

Just make a call to the Indian railways helpline at 139 and follow the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response) to know your PNR/booked ticket’s status. Try this method if you prefer calls over SMS and GPRS.

railways helpline 139

4. Android & iPhone App to Enquiry about PNR status

Indian Rail info, Railway PNR status (iPhone) & Indian Rail info, PNR status train info (Android) use this app to check Indian railways ticket booking and PNR status of the ticket.

android vs iphone

Just download and open the app, now enter then 10 digit PNR number of your ticket and click “check status” button. The status of your ticket will be displayed right on your mobile screen.